The Entrepreneur Experiment – Introduction.

Let me tell you about The Entrepreneur Experiment.

It started at a big family dinner. The conversation turned to how hard it was for young adults to establish themselves.

Even graduates in my extended family were finding it tough to get job opportunities that enthused them.

Mostly they were already in humdrum jobs trading time for not enough money and the frustration that caused was clear.

I thought to myself at the time that I should do something to help, but I had other priorities during that period so I parked the thought.

Fast forward to Summer 2019 and my daughter graduated – such a cool day! 

Then my thoughts started to turn again to how I could best be of help. Uppermost in my mind was to somehow encourage her into taking an interest in those essential subjects that they don’t teach you about at school.

Things like financial knowledge, self-development, personal responsibility – basically health, wealth & wisdom.

I started to share the odd blog post or YouTube clip. I doubt it made a big impact. You can’t advise people unless they seek it – we learn best through experience.

This coincided with a period of self-analysis on my part – my life was settled and going well.

It felt like a decent time to start considering what the midterm future may look like.

I’m a businessman, it’s how I see myself best-providing value to the world, so, unsurprisingly, my future thoughts revolved around more entrepreneurship.

Walking away from my current interests right now would be costly – besides I love my work.

Yet with any change in my circumstance a few years away, most future business ideas I had we conceptual because of the time commitment needed.

And again I had this desire to help and sooner rather than later.

A new idea started to form, I wanted to help guide through enabling the practical experience.

It would have to be part-time, not conflict with my existing commitments. Also, prove an interesting business model to keep my enthusiasm over the years and have the potential to evolve into a bigger enterprise.

Why not start a part-time online business and have my daughter do research and tasks for the startup.

In fact, why not make her a shareholder and enable her to experience first hand the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur?

Learning by doing…

Basically, I needed to create a side gig!

So what business to start and how to go about it?

If it was going to be useful as a full learning experience for both of us then it had to be a real business and grown organically.

My background is within branded products and enterprise to enterprise business development.

So a consumer-facing business would tick the motivation box – because there’s nothing I like more than learning new stuff!

After a bunch of consideration, I had an early-stage premise.

  • Use my knowledge and experience of business to start an online side gig and grow it part-time into a product brand.
  • First, establish an online platform. Use it to learn the skills of content creation, digital marketing, and consumer brand building.
  • Then, when ready, evolve into a sustainable and responsible Ecommerce offering – delivering value to all stakeholders.

What kind of content?

Let’s start by sharing my knowledge on the best wealth creation strategies and the actual step by step process used as we establish this business in real-time. 

So when you are looking to start a similar journey, there’s a detailed case study to help you. 

Of course, I have some idea of what the end state could look like already. Especially the market and products to eventually aim for, but for that information, you will have to come along on the journey with us in real time. Or wait and see…

And with that, The Entrepreneur Experiment started.

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