How to write a blog post


Tips to make sure your work is readable and free of basic grammar mistakes.


knowing how to write a blog post is essential.

With so much info online these days, people skim read and consume blog posts in easy to read bite-sized snippets.

If your post is tough to read, more people will bounce away fast.

Keep reading to learn how to avoid that.



If you’re publishing a blog post to create your online presence, or even to promote a product, you do need to check the article for its readability. Grammatical correctness, as well as the structure of the tenses, play a part.

Readability plays a vital role in engaging the content’s audience. It also serves as an avenue to boost the site’s SEO rankings and conversion rate.

A readable text is one that is free of spelling mistakes, grammatical blunders, and uses everyday language. It should use simple grammar/ clear wordings, and be well presented to its readers.

Here are some tips to ensure the readability of your articles.


Shorter sentences.

It is a proven fact that readers tend to understand and appreciate shorter sentences. Such sentences make more impression on the analytics of the content.

To ensure the readability of your article, edit the long sentences, break them into meaningful fragments.


Use simpler words.

Texts with short-syllabic words and a low letter count ensure better readability. Check your article for difficult words, replace them with synonyms that give a clearer picture of what you mean but are easier to read and understand.


Engage your readers.

Engagement is critical; remember you are writing to be noticed or to earn an online presence. Your article needs to flow in a way that grabs and keeps the reader’s interest.

Define your target audience; writing for the general public should be kept simple. If it’s people in a  professional network, you are free to use some of the specific jargon and acronyms that are common; but don’t go overboard.


Have a structure.

The structure is important too. Articles need constructing in the right way.

A well-structured essay should contain three main points; introduction, main body, and conclusion. For example, if the article is about the proposed cure for a disease. Start with what the condition is. Then how to deal with it, the recommended treatment, and its side effects. In the concluding part, discuss the reasons why your propositions should be accepted.


Check for errors.

Most experienced writers use lots of punctuation marks and hence commit a lot of grammatical errors. These hinder the understanding of the reader. So to avoid this, check your article using technology.


Use grammar tools.

These tools are convenient when it comes to the extent which they can assist a writer to enhance and check their contents before publishing them. Tools such as Hemmingway App and Grammarly can be used to check for blunders in the articles and also for the necessary corrections. They can help make your writing better.

The Grammarly App comes in various forms. The mobile app, the portable keyboard, browser add ons as well as add-ons to editing software such as Microsoft Word.

I use it on everything I write, even emails.




Every writer aims to convey valuable information to their readers to keep their attention.

Writing is not always easy; you want the effort to pay off. So it makes sense to construct your article with readability in mind. Use these tips to help you create your text. Then use the technology available to check your work and maximize the impact your article could have.

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