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This article was written by my daughter during the early stages of setting up our Accidental Mentor website.

Good quality photos

Taking good photos of the clothing is the most important part of uploading a post of your item and this is what will affect your sales most. The photos should be clear and also as cool and interesting as possible, maybe with a bright background or various objects such as plants or tapestries. If you are photographing jewelry it can look good with some flowers or textured background. If you want inspiration go on depops things we love page where they feature the best posts. 

As well as good quality clothes it is a good idea to take photos in your clothes so that the potential buyers can see the fit of the clothing and also how it can be styled. It is especially important to style the clothing in a photoshoot if you are trying to establish a brand and not just selling your old clothes. If you make the clothes look good whilst you are wearing them, then people will want to copy your well put together look because you have given them a vision of the style that they want to be a part of.


It is important, to be honest about the condition of the clothing if a piece has a small hole in it do not simply hope the buyer won’t notice because they might leave a low star rating and an off-putting review. Most of the items on depop are vintage and second hand so people searching for clothes understand that the clothes will not be in perfect condition.

Use social media

To get more exposure you should share your depop on your other social media platforms. Depop has a share feature which means that you can post your shop to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you have 1000 Instagram followers they are 1000 more potential buyers! If you want to make your depop shop a large platform then you might want to make an Instagram especially for your depop where you can build up a social media following and build a brand name. If you tag the Depop Instagram you might even get featured on their page which would lead to hundreds more followers!

Be personalized

It is nice to include a bit of a personal touch with your shop. If your customer receives a note in their parcel thanking them for a purchase or a small freebie then this personalization might persuade them to give to a high star rating and review to help you out because you seem like a friendly seller. Also, the packaging can be an important step that people overlook, if you are a small seller simply selling a few second-hand items this is less important but if you are trying to establish a brand and image you should put thought into it. It might be worth spending slightly more on the packaging that is an interesting color or pattern, even simply putting a few stickers on can make it more exciting for your customer to receive.

Be active

The premise of depop is that it is a mixture of social media and online shopping, so the more of a following your depop store gets the more likely you are to be making money from sales. The more time you spend making posts, liking posts, following accounts and messaging accounts then the more people will view your page and therefore all the items you have on offer. 

Here is a clever way of liking posts that might lead to potential sales. If you are selling, for example, a size 8 blue and red Tommy Hilfiger jumper then you should post that onto your shop. The next step is to search for size 8 blue and red Tommy Hilfiger jumper and the items that appear should be very similar to the post you have made. You need to go on these posts and see who has liked them, then go onto the Depop pages of those who have liked it. To get their attention you should spam-like their posts, follow them and give them a message saying you have a size 8 Tommy Hilfiger jumper for sale on your shop. This way lots of people who are interested in a jumper like the one you are selling might come onto your page and find it. If you simply post an item and hope somebody buys it you might get lucky but quite often it will simply get buried fast before many people see it.

Ship fast

With huge brands such as ASOS and missguided there is an expectation for fast shipping, often with the parcel arriving the very next day. Because of this a lot of the most successful sellers on depop will have an aim to deliver their parcels within one to two days and as a result hopefully get that five-star rating.

Find a source for your clothing

If you are trying to establish a solid platform rather than just selling old wardrobe items, then you need to pick a broad style and aesthetic. 90s and 00s and rave wear items sell very well on depop, people often are looking forward to items that are unique and not in high street stores and there are different methods of finding these. One is to spend some time exploring second hand and charity shops for the quirkiest and most unique vintage garments. Or if you are creative and talented with textiles, there are many established depopers who make all of the clothes they sell, often offering the option for the buyer to customize the outfits patterns and colors prior to purchase which is a service no high street retailers offer. Another method of finding clothes is to bulk order from Chinese websites such as AliExpress or Shein where the clothes are much cheaper, even with the added delivery costs than those produced in the west. As well as quirky clothes there are some brands that sell especially well on depop such as Fiorucci, Hilfiger, Adidas, Channel, Fila, and Champion. If you can find these in charity shops or on sale then resell them at a higher price it is an easy way to make profit.

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