How much money can you make blogging?


$125k per month… ! ?


Here is some shared research into the earning potential of blogging. This was done by my daughter early in the process of looking into the feasibility of the Accidental Mentor site. 

Here you will find a wide range of numbers and we conclude with what number we chose as a revenue forecast.

It’s going to be interesting to compare what actually happens to this site’s revenue in a years time vs the numbers shared by popular blogs. 

Blog earning research.

Example 1


This page is a list of 11 popular and professional bloggers. The page has asked each of these bloggers to share how they successfully monetized their blog and also their monthly income. 

The lowest (although not insubstantial) monthly income was $1,500 to $2,000 and their blog focused on budgeting and income strategies for creatives, such as how to make money through side hustles and blogging. 

The highest earner on this page was Michelle Schroeder-Garder at makingsenseofcents.com who started her blog with the aim to teach people how to save money as well as journaling her personal finance journey.

She was in $38,000 of student debt and was coming up with a plan to become debt free and this blog chronicles that journey.

She makes a massive $125,000 monthly and for the past few years has been earning around $1,500,00 annually. However, it is important to note that it took an entire six months for her to make even $100.

It started to take off after around one year where she began to earn $1000 and a few months after this steeply increased to 5,000 a month. She thinks it would have been more if money had been her goal, but her blog started as a hobby and an outlet until she became a full-time professional blogger.

Example 2


This blog discusses the monetization of the different blog niches such as parenting blogs, marketing, personal finance and travel. Personal finance is the niche that easily makes the most money.

It discusses Blogger Natalie Bacon who  made $165,000 in total in 2018 and this money came from her course that her readers could purchase.

As well as having some focus on personal finance Bacon’s blog has the added niche of being aimed specifically at women and how they can maximize their lives.

She offers a course that includes lessons on 1) mindset, 2) emotions and feelings, 3) self-love, 4) relationships, 5) problems, 6) overwhelm, burnout, and busyness, 7) productivity, 8) time management, 9) goal-setting, 10) habits, and a 11) bonus module.

Her blog features no adverts, but this course is $497 so her entire revenue seems to come from her courses. A lot of her content is much more niche, in-depth and unique compared to some other financial blogs where lots of the articles mirror other websites.

This site also mentions the blog ‘believe in a budget’ which had an income in May 2018 of $39,117 and the sources of income for this were affiliate marketing, courses and products.

Interestingly, this is also a blog with a gendered focus and this blog aims to help women start side hustles and become confident online entrepreneurs as well as giving some budgeting tips. This blog has many adverts on its homepage and also has a shop that sells side hustle guides and workbooks.

Example 3


This is a financial blog and the author took 16 years to build a portfolio that generates over $200,000 a year in income but only four years to build the same income with blogging.

In this post the author writes about how bloggers make money and this post does not focus on actual blog posts but creates examples that show how financial blogs of different levels of experience will generate different revenue. 

In the first example the blog has 100,000 pageviews a month with 3 years of experience and makes 51,144 in annual income.

In this example the revenue is made from a product that generates the majority of her revenue as well as corporate consulting work with the income split between her own blog and consulting for others at 50/50.

The website then gives an example of the revenue from a more pro blogger with lots of experience. The key revenue growth driver is affiliate partnership because of the strong traffic and concentrated topics that relate to the blogs affiliate product.

In this example the blog gets 1,000,000 pageviews a month and the blogger has ten years of experience and the income directly from his blog is $909,600 annually.

With more experience and a large platform under a strong brand a new product such as XYZ for dummies type books or courses can generate 2,000+ a month and an online platform can hold an infinite amount of product with the only constraint being one’s effort and time.

This pro blogger has a podcast to provide more personality to his content which advertisers pay $1,000 to $2000 to connect with as he already has an established brand and lots of blog traffic. The more pro blogger does not blog to supplement income from other sources as the time invested in the blog has made it very profitable. 

Example 4


This blogger says you can make $25,000-$50,000 in your first year blogging and $100,000+ in the second year, $250,000+ in the third year and 500,000+ in the fourth year.

This seems wildly optimistic and higher than other blogs have discussed particularly for the first years of a blog. However the author has mentioned how he made about $25,000 in his first year and $150,000 in his second year and $400,000 in his third year. He says he is on pace to make over $1 million from his blog.

The author says its not unrealistic to make between $0.01 – $0.25 per page view in many blogging niches across display and affiliate ads with $0.02 – $0.05 being the most realistic.

This means 1,000 page views can make between $10- $25 per month which would cover the cost of running the blog and then 100,000 views per month will get between $1,000 – $25,000 which would be very profitable.

As you put more time into it the traffic will grow, and at the same time your email list will grow and the more money you can make.

The author says that Money and insurance are the most profitable blog niches and they generate $0.02-$0.25 per pageview and $0.50- $6 per email subscriber per month.

This author also discusses different ways to generate revenue and one of the most popular is through amazon affiliate ads where you get paid to whenever you link to a product listing on Amazon and one of the blog readers buys the product.

The more expensive the product you promote the higher the commission you will make and you can earn up to 10% with some transactions. This author makes at least $1,000 per month through amazon affiliate ads with adverts for books that he promotes on a blog post.


After looking at these numbers and some other bloggers shared income statements our site is forecasting minimum earnings of $800-$1k per month by the time it reaches one year old. 

Nothing is guaranteed but you have to base your planning on the realistic rather than the best case scenario.

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