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One of the things I believe in most is transparency. 

It’s a powerful force for independence and freedom in the world.

There’s so much biased, contradictory and self serving information available on the internet, it’s hard to know the motives behind the platforms providing the information.

That why It feels right that those that seek to learn from this website have transparency on why this site even exists and what my motives are for publishing this content. That will be especially important if I choose to take advantage of any kind of monetization mechanism.

So is committed to being as transparent as personal privacy allows.

Not only will I disclose any relationships and any monetization, I will also share financial details such as income, costs, and margins ‘if’ the site does become income generating.

I will talk about my plans as much as is possible while maintaining some semblance of personal financial discretion.

This commitment will expand and evolve if this site grows and so changes to this policy will be noted here for the record.



It starts with each of us as individuals, but… As a personal value I believe in being responsible to all who cross my path.

I’m committed to being the best version of myself and showing that in responsible practices. I intend to put people before profit motives.



Business can be a powerful lever for magnifying our actions – sustainability’s a great example of this. Regardless of your beliefs on the need for it, sustainability is a much more elegant solution.

With i’m motivated and committed to always try and do more with less. To act and plan sustainably. To build sustainability into the core of my activities.



We can always do better, we all have blind spots and sometimes stuff slips. If you see any behavior that contradicts my stated policies or just good practice- please, call me out…

Accountability is powerful.


Disclaimers & Disclosures



The information contained on this website is provided “as is”. It is for informational and educational purposes only.

Any content provided is created from research, observations, and experience over my years of learning in the real world.

i’m not a trained advisor or certified service provider so…

The information does not constitute professional advice or official recommendation. I accept no liability for accuracy, omissions or errors.

You should use your judgment, do your research and when acting upon any information shared by this site – use your discretion. Act at your own risk.



I may link to and share information on products and services we have used, enjoyed or think are really cool.


These will not be affiliate links.

I have endeavored to removed all monetized links from the site. If any remain it would be an unintended mistake. 

If that was to ever change it will be noted here.


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